Jambalaya Calculator: Now in App Form

Way back in 2011, I wrote about the Jambalaya Calculator, a handy dandy Excel spreadsheet designed to help large-batch jambalaya cooks determine ingredient amounts and cooking times.  The Calculator was the brainchild of a Stadium Rat, a regular poster at the TigerDroppings Food & Drink message board, a culinary offshoot of the LSU sports fan site.  Fast forward to 2015, and the Jambalaya Calculator is now an app, available for Android devices at the Google Play store.

Ain’t technology grand?  In the palm of your hand, you can figure out how much celery, bell pepper, and pork temple meat you’ll need to buy per pound of rice used….go buy yourself a copy of the app today.

3 thoughts on “Jambalaya Calculator: Now in App Form

  1. This app is amazing! I know a lot of people who love making lots of jambalaya for events (I remember the principal at the school making his for football games…. oh, the good ol’ days!) so I know this will be so useful for large scale jambalaya cooking!

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