Jambalaya calculator spreadsheeet

Ever wanted to make jambalaya for 100 but didn’t know how to scale up your recipe?  Over at the Tiger Droppings Food & Drink Board (that’s LSU Tigers, for you out-of-staters), poster Stadium Rat has devised a handy-dandy spreadsheet to help you calculate ingredient quantities, pot sizes, and yield.  Go here to download the Jambalaya Calculator.  Now all we need is a Jambalaya Calculator iPhone app…I’d pay for that!

3 thoughts on “Jambalaya calculator spreadsheeet

    • It IS pretty cool…the Cajun quantity cooking version of Ruhlman’s Ratios. Just need to develop some worksheets for seafood gumbo, chix/sausage gumbo, dirty rice, red beans, etc. We could call the app “Festival in your Pocket”. Ha.

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