Edible homework

Last week, nine people joined me in the kitchen to bake Tartine-style sourdough bread.  We started the process in class, and students finished the loaves at home the following day.  Two students sent me pictures of their lovely loaves, as well as a pizza made from mature dough.  I think their results were fantastic, don’t you?  If you want to try Chad Robertson’s Tartine loaf for yourself, check out his cookbook.

3 thoughts on “Edible homework

    • Sure thing–it’s not “my” recipe, but rather is Chad Robertson’s recipe as it appears in the Tartine Bread cookbook. I’ll link to several different versions of it as published in various spots around the web. Some include videos of him shaping the very wet dough:
      On Martha Stewart’s website, with recipe and photos
      Tartine Bread video on Vimeo
      But I encourage you to look at the book, as it contains an interesting glimpse of one baker’s technique.

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