Caputo flour, coming soon

Thanks to Dan Stein of Stein’s Deli (2207 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA), Caputo 00 flour will be available in the metro area!  Stein says that the 2.2 lb bags of Caputo “Chef’s Flour” should arrive in two weeks; call the deli at 504.527.0771 to check availability.

Why am I excited about flour?  ‘Cause Caputo 00 (aka “doppio zero”) is the preferred flour of many excellent pizza makers. The “00” designation refers to the flour’s extraction–in other words, how finely it is milled–rather than the protein content.  The 11% –12% flour yields a pizza dough that is extensible, rather than elastic.  In other words, it stretches, rather than resists, as it is shaped.  I can’t wait to try it out…

UPDATE:  The flour hasn’t yet arrived as of 2/22, so call before you go.

4 thoughts on “Caputo flour, coming soon

  1. YAY! Thanks for letting us home cooks know! I’ve come close to ordering 00 flour on the internet several times, but before I can finish the transaction I’ve convinced myself that I’m frivolous for ordering food online (except of course for the time I ordered a giant box of Boulder Chips — that was necessary).

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