Martha White Cornbread Cookoff

Feeling especially proud of your cornbread skills?

Why not enter the Martha White Cornbread Cookoff? You might win $5,000 and a new Five Star stainless steel gas range.  Runners-up win cash, prizes (including Lodge cast iron cookware), and, I’m assuming, some measure of fame and/or notoriety.

Two requirements: your recipe must use at least one package of Martha White cornbread mix, and it must be cooked in Lodge cast iron cookware.

The contest culminates in a big cook-off at the National Cornbread Festival in south Pittsburg, Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “Martha White Cornbread Cookoff

  1. I love corn bread! Why would you want do anything else to corn bread besides make it the old fashion way. There is nothing better than corn bread baked in a cast iron pan or skillet.

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