Cupcakes from a truck

The latest food truck to hit the streets of NOLA:  Cupcakes & Co, offering several different cake & icing flavors combined to your liking.  On a recent weekday afternoon, cake flavors ranged from chocolate to red velvet to vanilla, while icing flavors included vanilla, chocolate, and banana.  (Others were offered; I can’t recall all of the choices.)  The bright, graphically appealing truck is easy to spot (and to hear, as it sports an ice-cream-truck soundtrack).  Cheery, aqua cupcake carrier boxes are appealing, and the $2 per cupcake price is modest.

Sadly, the cupcakes are perfectly ordinary.  A restrained swirl of fluffy, whipped style icing crowned fluted-paper wrapped cakes.  The cupcakes were indistinguishable from ordinary, boxed-mix, kiddie birthday party cupcakes you can produce in your home kitchen.

If you’re going to specialize in *just* one item, shouldn’t it be stellar?

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes from a truck

  1. We have had similar thoughts on a number of occasions. If you are going to spend a lot of money to start a business and sell some sort of food (or aything else for that matter), why wouldn’t you make every effort to produce an outstanding and memorable product? In my opinion $2 is far too expensive for an undistinguished cupcake.

    I did have an outstanding creme brulee from one of our food trucks recently. The flavor I chose was salted caramel, and the texture of the custard was lovely, silky and not too solid. I intended to eat only a bite or two and take the rest to my office to share with coworkers, but it was too irresistable and somehow I had eaten all of it before I could stop myself.

    • Salted caramel creme brulee…now THAT sounds nice. I’m a sucker for salty sweets in most any form. Had a salted chocolate oat cookie yesterday; it was great and I’ll be reverse-engineering the recipe soon.

      • I once had a chocolate creme caramel at herbsaint which had salted whipped cream. It was fabulous. Just in case you need more ideas of salty desserts.

        (Also, if they ever do it again, chocolate toffee gelato last night at la divina was so good. We walked over to get dessert-made osso bucco at home.)

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