Mashed potato cakes

‘Tis the season for leftovers, and I don’t like leftovers.  To enjoy eating the same thing again, I have to transform it into something new.  (Or at least add some new flavors.)   Last night, I intended to make a Thai-inspired turkey & veggie fried rice, only to open the refrigerator and find absolutely no vegetables.  Mashed potatoes lurked on one fridge shelf, hiding behind the eggs and greek yogurt.  So last weekend’s leftover mashed potatoes became last night’s sauteed potato cakes.

A bit of minced onion, a couple of egg yolks remaining from a baking project, fresh parsley, black pepper, and panko stirred into the mashed potatoes: it took longer to heat the pan than it did to make the potato cakes.  Cook the cakes 5-8 minutes per side in butter until golden brown and hot throughout.  The cakes make a nice accompaniment to roasted or stewed meats, greens, or on their own with applesauce and sauteed cabbage.

Now that the mashed potatoes are gone, I think my fridge is officially clear of leftovers….

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