Tartine, again and again

I’m stuck in a Tartine-flavored rut, and it sure is delicious.  The little cafe (7212 Perrier, New Orleans, LA) is my default lunch spot, and every meal is consistently delicious.  Pictured below:  a daily-special steak sandwich dressed with arugula and blue cheese on ciabatta, a grilled vegetable sandwich on focaccia, and warm bread pudding in white chocolate sauce.  (Attention, office party planners:  Tartine caters and bakes, too.)

2 thoughts on “Tartine, again and again

  1. I’m so jealous! They are closed on my days off – huge bummer. But I sneaked down there one day during my lunch hour (all the way from the Quarter), and split the Niçoise salad and the house paté tartine with my friend, and I was blown away. Their baguettes are the best I’ve had in this town ever. I just wish they’d open on Sunday or Monday!

    • I’m lucky to work a short distance away….and the immediate neighborhood needed a new cafe. But hey, you have such a density of choices in the FQ, it’s not like you’re deprived of nice lunches. The tuna nicoise sandwich is still my favorite menu item. Her nutella fudge is outstanding….

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