Culinary Christmas gifts from Craigslist

Still stumped for culinary Christmas gifts?  Never fear, the New Orleans area Craigslist is stuffed with food-related oddities:

  • Seeking the perfect $200 gift for the shwarma-obsessed or al pastor aficianado:  a vertical gas broiler.  What a bargain…think of the meat-on-a-spit opportunities.
  • Or, how about a commercial-quality waffle maker for $300?  Your recipient could be the most popular parent on the pancake-breakfast circuit.

And used/recycled Christmas gifts are the “greenest” around…

3 thoughts on “Culinary Christmas gifts from Craigslist

    • If air-freight is involved, it *can’t* be green, can it? It IS very thoughtful and delicious and makes you a good friend, though. See, I’d have to hand deliver them or I’d be jealous of the crawfish’s trip to SF while I had to sit at home. (and that’s not green at all)
      I’m really tongue in cheek about the green stuff, honestly.

      • Oh right. air freight. Hm. I tried to hand deliver them last year but it was a big PITA. Oh well.

        My “green” comment was also totally tongue in cheek. I care, but I’m not going to obsess over it.

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