22 thoughts on “Random stuff I like

    • I haven’t had any sausage corn bread since the weather got hot. Waiting for cool weather to make a skillet-full. Guess I’ll be waiting a while longer.

  1. fresh, raw oysters, dockside
    tomatoes off the vine, warm from the sun
    roasted carrots
    homemade cinnamon ice cream
    honey on a Ritz cracker

  2. * perfectly cooked lemonfish
    * fresh half sour pickles
    * nectar soda with vanilla ice cream
    * fresh octopus grilled with olive oil, lemon and salt/pepper
    * double fried shoestring fries at Flamin Burgers- crunchy

  3. Crackly skin from roasted duck
    Freshly picked baby arugula
    Goat gouda
    Oil cured black olives
    Lemon pound cake
    Oxtail stew
    Cuban black beans & rice

        • It’s available somewhere (wholesale, I guess), because Slice pizzeria makes a perfectly nice baby arugula salad w/lemon vinagrette & parmesan. But I sure can’t find similar-quality arugula in any stores ’round here.

          • But arugula is pretty easy to grow in the springtime or fall . I just scatter the seeds (even in my flower bed). It likes warm weather, but dies back when the temperatures get too high. Often it re-seeds itself and comes up again later.

  4. * Steel cut oats or Cous cous with hot milk
    * Maple syrup – condensed milk-honey – heavy molasses
    * Fresh picked Louisiana Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries
    * Slow cooked homemade cheese grits with fresh thyme, tarragon, Parsely, dill and rose petals
    * Blackened sweetbreads and softshelled crawfish with Charon sauce
    * Fresh Grilled Trout with Steamed Rice
    * Hot Calas!

    • I’m with you on the cheese grits, but rose petals? My roses are too “medicated” to be considered a food item. Damn that black-spot fungus….

      • I use my own home grown organically grown Natchitoches Noisette rose petals, or Double Delight if I want more rose aroma.. You just have to pick them early in the morning and they are best if they are juts starting to bloom for the best aroma.
        They are fantastic chopped and baked into biscuits and served with Mayhaw jelly.

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