Better than bacon

Yes, I said better than bacon:  get your mouth ready for andouille bacon.  The smokehouse geniuses at Wayne Jacobs’ Smokehouse (769 West 5th St, Laplace, LA) invented (as far as I know) this tasty treat–their top-flight, handcrafted andouille gets sliced lengthwise, as thin as standard bacon.  The resulting andouille planks need just a few minutes’ crisping in a hot, heavy skillet to reach breakfast nirvana.  At WJ, andouille bacon appears at Sunday jazz brunch, but it’s sold by the pound, too.  So you can have it at home, in your PJs, along with your first (or second or third) cup of coffee.

6 thoughts on “Better than bacon

    • Call ’em before you trek over there–I bought the last package in the freezer case. If you have a meat slicer (the circular-blade kind used in delis), you can make it yourself….it’s just thinly sliced, lengthwise. Yes, it just might be better than bacon. Smokier & meatier.

  1. i’ve been going to W Jacobs ever since I learned they don’t use nitrates for preserving. I’ll have to give the bacon a try.

  2. I am going to HAVE to get my hands on some of that. Andouille bacon sounds like….like….well like you said, nirvana. I can imagine it, almost taste it, on a blt.

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