There ought to be a law…

…..against ice cream this good.   Ben & Jerry’s latest limited batch flavor:  Flourless Chocolate Cake, a mixture of chocolate ice cream, fudgy flourless chocolate cake, and a chocolate icing ribbon.  Absolutely deadly for the willpower challenged, so consider yourself warned.  It’s even better than the Seven Layer Bar flavor (which is only available in the B&J ice cream shops, sadly).

4 thoughts on “There ought to be a law…

    • That’s how I feel about Bluebell–it’s all air. Truth be told, the best mass-market ice cream available around here is still Breyer’s; I saw the limited-season peach flavor a few days ago. Boy, is that stuff good with hot caramel sauce on top.

  1. Blue Bell is bad too. I usually get Hagen Daaz. To me less overrun and good flavor. I usually get flavors with no or little add ins. We lost our place that made gelato. That I like. Dense texture and great flavor

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