New & updated links

Shift your gaze over to the right–I’ve updated the links and posted a few new blogs & sites, including NOJuJu, Eat Drink NOLA, Localtarians, New Orleans magazine’s food & dining sections, Third Coast Cuisine, and Lorin Gaudin’s blog.  Click on over and enjoy….yes, I’m too lazy to repost the links in the preceeding sentence.  Just mouse a little to the right and click those links, will ya?

3 thoughts on “New & updated links

    • Your fast food reviews crack me up! With all those good-lookin’ plate lunches you seem to find in SW LA, I can’t imagine why you’d ever resort to the mass produced stuff. And anyone who likes Kettle brand chips enough to taste all the varieties is a dedicated eater. Did you ever find the baked ones? Now in sea salt, s&p, aged cheddar, hickory BBQ…it’s the best baked chip on the market, by far.

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