Cherry limeade snowballs: my new favorite

The world of snowball flavors is divided into sweet and tart, and I prefer tart flavors.  To me, the gold standard of icy tartness is Hansen’s proprietary “sno-bliz” flavor, a pale-pink, mouth-puckering syrup with a barely sweet edge.  I’d probably eat one a day, except that Hansen’s is 20 miles from my house.  So imagine my surprise to discover a tart, only slightly sweet cherry limeade flavor at Parad-Ice, a bight-yellow snowball trailer on River Road in old Luling….just a few miles from my abode.  Thanks, Parad-Ice, for delivering me from sticky-sweet flavors, and thanks for accomodating my special requests (like a larger cup and very little syrup).  On the “little syrup” note: it is my firm conviction that almost any ordinary snowball can be improved with restrain in the syrup department….why do so many places drown the ice in a flood-tide of artifical color and flavor?   A light hand preserves the ice’s fluffy texture, and light syrup doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds with sugar-shock.  Try your next snowball “dry”…let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Cherry limeade snowballs: my new favorite

  1. That must be why I never became enthusiastic about snowballs — most of the ones I tried were too sweet for my taste. I didn’t try many because they didn’t seem to hold much attraction for me. I’m with you on the “more tart and less syrup” concept.

    • Years ago, a spot called Sno-Wonder on Magazine street offered a nice selection of “juiceballs”…IIRC, a variety of Knudsen’s 100% juices over ice. The strawberry lemonade was great, as was the pineapple/coconut.

  2. I got a snowball today at Plum Street, lemon meringue pie, hoping that it would be this perfectly balanced sweet tart flavor and the whole time I was eating it I kept thinking, this is way too sweet, why do they put all this syrup in it. Great idea. my next snowball wil be dry.
    I had no idea about sno-bliz at Hansen’s, i’m going to have to go tmw!
    Have you tried Beaucoup nola on freret? They are supposed to have fresh fruit juice snowballs.

    • I need to get over to Beaucoup NOLA…I also spotted a new place on Magazine near Whole Foods that appears to be some sort of sweet shop…those 5500+ blocks of Magazine are thick with food businesses these days. Rare Cuts is set to open soon at the corner of Magazine & Nashville.

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