Dorie Greenspan’s coconut tea cake

Tropical flavor with a moist, pound-cake texture:  Dorie Greenspan’s coconut tea cake delivers subtle, delicate flavor, enhanced by grated coconut and full-fat coconut milk.  The cake is delicious alone, or toasted and topped with vanilla ice cream & hot fudge.

See the recipe here, in Greenspan’s Baking:  From My Home to Yours (thanks, Google Books); I didn’t make any substitutions, for once, though I didn’t include the suggested rum (I didn’t have any on hand).  I used toasted, unsweetened, large-flake coconut, which magnified its nutty qualities.  I’ll definitely bake it again, probably sneaking in a handful of chopped, candied ginger along with the toasted coconut.

2 thoughts on “Dorie Greenspan’s coconut tea cake

    • It’s a wonderful book, isn’t it? My favorite part are the variations & embellishments suggested after each recipe.

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