Mangrove snapper

P7060386My brother gave me a few filets of snapper, caught offshore just hours before; to me, really fresh fish needs as little embellishment as possible.

Snapper with hoisin sauce

Brush a 2-inch thick filet of red or mangrove snapper with hoisin sauce and grill three minutes per side at 400 degrees:  easiest fish dish ever, though it requires a delicate hand in turning or it will break apart (mine did).  Sugar in the hoisin caramelizes quickly, making a delicious crust in the brief time required to cook the fish.  Serve with simple sides, allowing the fish to shine.

Fresh Gulf fish–another reason to endure hurricane season, mosquitos, and 99 degree, 90% humidity weather.

2 thoughts on “Mangrove snapper

  1. That looks outstanding. I thought about you yesterday, when I was in Houma for a mediation. I am geographically… limited, so for some reason I thought I might be able to stop off at Chops in Broussard on my way back to New Orleans. Then I googled it, and realized my mistake. Curses!

    • Ooh, you ARE geographically challenged. You did pass within 3-5 miles of Verdun’s Meat Market, just north of Raceland (north of US 90 on LA 1)…tried to go there on Friday, but the line was way too long.

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