Big Green Egg brisket

P7050698Independence Day calls for serious barbecue.  Boneless, skinless chicken and zucchini just won’t cut it; nor will stuffed mushrooms, shrimp kabobs, or grilled pineapple.  July 4th calls for low-and-slow pit cooking, ideally involving aromatic hardwoods.

I bought a 7.5 lb brisket at Chops in Broussard, ’cause nothing says “we hold these truths to be self-evident” like a big hunk of charred beef.  Rubbed with a cinnamon-chipotle spice blend, the brisket spent 9 hours total on the Big Green Egg at 225-250 degrees, cooking over lump hardwood charcoal and pecan wood.

P7050700The butcher had trimmed it nicely, leaving a 1/4 inch thick layer of fat on one side.  I placed the fat side down, directly over a disposable foil drip pan resting on the Egg’s plate setter (legs up, in the inverted position).  After three hours, the brisket developed a nice crust, and I gave it a generous mopping every hour thereafter, using a mix of apple cider vinegar & some leftover spice rub.

P7050704At the six-hour mark, a pot of baked beans joined the brisket.  An oval Le Creuset enameled cast iron pot fits the curved edges of the Egg, making good use of the steady, even heat.  (FYI, the baked beans recipe printed on the Camellia brand navy beans package is quite tasty, though it needs a tad more brown sugar.)

P7050706At eight hours, I inserted a temperature probe.  Brisket’s connective tissue (chewy collagen) converts to gelatin (delicious tenderness) at around 150 degrees.  During cooking, a large brisket hits a plateau and can remain at 150 for hours–resist all temptation to increase the cooking temperature and trust that the beef will cook in its own sweet time.  Once the temperature begins to climb, it is evidence that you’re on the downside of the cook, and you’re officially finished at 190 degrees.  For optiumum slicing, rest the foil-tented brisket on a platter for at least an hour.

4 thoughts on “Big Green Egg brisket

  1. Have you had any problems with the rubber/plastic top on your Le Creuset in the BGE? I have wanted to use my (my wife’s) Le Creuset in my BGE but have worried about melting that black handle on the top of the lid.

    • The phenolic (black plastic) knobs on LC are rated to 450–I wasn’t really worried, as the temp for the brisket cook was 250, max. If you’re concerned about higher temps, LC sells all-metal replacement knobs for about $9 each.

      The pot did require a good scrubbing, inside and out. Quite a bit of soot collected on the outer surface, but Bar Keeper’s Friend made short work of it. I also ran it thru the dishwasher as well.

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