Boiled crabs

boiled crabs

boiled crabs

The best foods are usually the simplest, and boiled blue crabs rank at the top of my “best foods” list.  And the best part about crabs in south Louisiana?  They’re inexpensive, plentiful, and available even in December, if you know where to look.  Yesterday, a dozen choice males cost just $12.00 at Punch’s Seafood in Lockport, LA.  The crabs were perfect–not overly salted or seasoned, just the essence of crabby goodness.  Punch’s is a great little mom-n-pop operation, offering everything crab-related you might crave.  Crabmeat, boiled crabs in various sizes, stuffed crabs, crab patties, crab-stuffed peppers, stone crab claws, and the holy grail:  live softshell crabs.   You can sit in a wooden rocking chair while waiting for your order, and the counter is stocked with soft drinks and candy for the neighborhood kids.  The good folks at Punch’s fish for their own crabs, process crabs bought from others, and run a 45-tank softshell shedding operation.  Find the Punches at 108 N Oak St, Lockport, LA 70374, or via telephone at (985) 532-7340.

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