Cochon, Not Cu-Chon

Please, for the love of G-d, do not mispronounce the word cochon.  Look at the spelling:  there is no “U” in the word.  You have been warned:  if you say “cu-chon” in my presence,  I will be forced to physically assault you.  Saying “cu-chon” makes you a couyon.

Thank you.  I feel better now.

11 thoughts on “Cochon, Not Cu-Chon

    • Aw yeah: pee-row is equally annoying. Can’t we get remedial French pronunciation instituted as a mandatory course in Louisiana schools?

  1. Can you tell me how to make cu-chon duh late? 😉 🙂 Don’t hit me! (Actually, I do want to try Walker’s BBQ cochon du lait po’ boy even though it isn’t really a suckling pig.)

    • Sorry, not in my book. Most of the mispronunciation along the lines of cu-chon seem to emanate from the Baton Rouge area…

  2. Now, if we could just get restaurants to be forthright by serving up actually what it’s name says, i.e. suckling pig, not shoulder.

    • I’m on board with everything on the above linked list, with the exception of “prolly”. I prolly won’t drop that (mis)pronunciation any time soon. Gawd, I love regional American dialects!

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