Post-Isaac roundup

I’m baaaack…hurricane Isaac sent me scurrying inland, and I returned home to power (hurrah!) but no air conditioning (boo!) thanks to a giant oak branch taking out my compressor.  So I skipped town for deep east Texas on a previously scheduled trip.  No sense in sweating it out if other alternatives are available.  While the national news of Isaac focused on New Orleans, let’s not forget coastal parish dwellers who received significant roof & property damage, flooding (over 7,000 households in Laplace, LA alone), and other Isaac impacts.  If you’re in a giving mood, try the Red Cross or Second Harvesters food bank.

Meanwhile, my inbox has been piling up with food-related miscellany:

  • A cash mob to benefit Coulis restaurant, which was damaged in Isaac, is scheduled for September 11, 2012.  Here’s the skinny:  “A cash mob is a grass-roots, community-led movement to support local businesses.  With $20 in hand, members of the community come together to shop in a locally-owned establishment to support the area economy.  In this case, it is specifically to help with recovery efforts from Hurricane Issac.  Coulis, located at 3625 Prytania Street is a locally-owned restaurant.  Coulis Restaurant was opened in 2009, in the space long held by the Bluebird Cafe, by husband and wife team Heather and James Leeming.   In June of 2011, Chef James unexpectedly passed away, leaving Heather to run the restaurant by herself and care for their young son, Kobe.  Hurricane Issac tore a large hole in the roof of the restaurant, requiring the restaurant to be closed for days and expensive repairs to be made.  A cash mob at Coulis will help to offset these unexpected costs and help to keep Coulis serving up delicious food for years to come.  Coulis is a one-of-a-kind breakfast and lunch restaurant.  Their menu features Chef James’ recipes for New Orleans breakfast favorites including Eggs Benedict and Huevos Rancheros.  The full menu for Coulis is listed on their facebook page.  On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, members from the community are invited to join this Cash Mob during Coulis’ regular business hours from 7am to 2pm.  Participants are encouraged to spend about $20, meet new people, and have fun. Cash Mobs have been held in communities across the country including earlier this year along North Rampart Street.”
  • Television show “The Worst Cooks in America” will be casting in New Orleans during early September.  Are you a candidate for “worst cook”?  Would you like to nominate a friend or relative? See details here: WCIA4 Casting Notice Nomination_0823
  • Thanks to Isaac, the registration deadline for my September/October baking classes has been extended slightly.  If you’d like to participate, get registered ASAP (by the end of the week).  See all details here.

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