No Good Friday crabs

Every year on Good Friday, I gather with friends and family for a backyard crab boil, though crawfish, oysters, and shrimp are often on the menu.  Sadly, locally fished crabs are quite scarce this year, two years post-Deepwater Horizon spill.  No one really knows why, as estuary ecosystems are complex and the potential list of harm is long:  too much freshwater from the Mississippi River, an especially cold winter last year, sludgy degraded oil on and near the bottom, Corexit, widespread “beach cleaning” and littoral zone habitat disturbance, etc.

Ironically, Louisiana’s blue crab industry was recently certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as a sustainable, well-managed harvest.

Read more about the lingering, seafood-harvest impacts of the spill:

2 thoughts on “No Good Friday crabs

  1. Sad to hear this. Also sad for the many who depend on the harvest for a living. Donald pointed this out to us when we visited last visited him and he gave us a tour along the bayou.

  2. Hopefully the crawfish are doing well. Our annual East TN blogger party is a crawfish boil. One of our hosts relocated to Knoxville after Katrina and they are driving down to get the mud bugs.

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