Pizza saturation

I’m scratching my head this morning, trying to figure out why my suburban area of approximately 10 to 15,000 people needs yet another pizza restaurant.  On my way to work, I noticed a large sign for a new Pizza Hut along U.S. 90 in Luling.  Within 3 miles of this soon-to-open Pizza Hut, a diner can choose from Papa John’s, Dominos, Sicily’s, Rotolo’s (small, local chain), and Mariano’s (an independent).

What marketing genius decided to stick ANOTHER pizza joint in an area already so saturated with pizza?  Bah.  Six freakin’ pizza joints, and not a single one makes a slice I like.

It reminds me of the countless “twin” pharmacies found all over our metro area:  a Walgreen’s within spitting distance of a CVS or RiteAid.

I’d kill for a pho shop, a Thai restaurant, or some decent Mexican food in my town.  Sadly, all we ever seem to get is pizza.

7 thoughts on “Pizza saturation

  1. Yes..there goes the obesity rate and the neutralizing of taste buds. Now, there is pizza and there is pizza ( I am thinking of Ancona’s, e.g.) What about a good Indian restaurant in your wish list?

    • Definitely Indian. Hell, I’d take a bad Indian restaurant. I can’t seem to figure out why we’re so saturated with chain pizza.

    • Ditto for the East Bank, Kurt. I’m happy we have Japanese food, but it’s a bit strange that the parish now has THREE Japanese restaurants. I know that the ethnic options are a long shot, but what I wouldn’t give for a nice cafe with non-poboy sandwiches and salads made with quality ingredients. Or a REAL bakery, rather than just cake decorators and cookie bakers.

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