Two reasons to love south Louisiana

Two reasons to love south Louisiana in January:

  1. Yesterday’s high temperature was 81 degrees at my house, as opposed to 53 in San Francisco, 27 in Duluth, 20 in Bangor, and 56 in Atlanta.
  2. In the middle of such a balmy mid-winter afternoon, I strolled out the back door and picked a ripe blood orange.

Sure beats the hell out of shoveling snow, doesn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Two reasons to love south Louisiana

  1. I do enjoy some cold weather to know it’s winter. As for snow, once in a while would be nice provided no one was out driving in it down here in Southeast Louisiana.
    On the topic of oranges, I have a Hamlin and a Blood Orange tree in my yard. In fact last night I juiced a combination of both and it’s really delicious! Everyone should have an orange tree in their yard along with a few chickens. Lol… (.I’ll get back to that in a minute.)

    So, this morning I had a delicious glass of fresh orange juice to go with a couple of fresh eggs right out of my own yard, sunny side up along with more slices of Blood Orange.

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