More than 30 flatscreen tvs…

Archie Manning’s new restaurant, Manning’s Eat-Drink-Cheer (519 Fulton St, near Grand Isle and Gordon Biersch), has a dining room filled with more than 30 flat screen televisions.  Wow–more than 30 reasons for me NOT to dine at Manning’s.  That’s more than 30 idiot boxes simultaneously spewing out Viagra ads, SportsCenter, ESPN Classic, the Golf Channel, and NASCAR.

Oh, I don’t mind TVs at a sports bar, but I certainly don’t want to be bombarded with noise and images in a “real” restaurant.  I know, it’s a joint venture with Harrah’s, and I’m not in the “target demographic”.

See WWL’s photos of the soon-to-open Manning’s here.  If “more than 30 flat screens” sounds like your kind of place, it opens tomorrow, January 19, 2012.

8 thoughts on “More than 30 flatscreen tvs…

  1. Right On! If its a sports bar call it that, otherwise let us over 30 folks dine in peace or have a choice about the background music or noise.

    • Don’t even get me started about the noise level in restaurants today….too many bare, hard surfaces, too many loudmouthed diners, and way-way too much “background” music. Can’t a person eat in peace and enjoy a conversation?

  2. Celeste,
    Your first paragraph is choice..Neither one of us is in the intended demographic, as stated. One wonders, “is it about the food or something else”? Are these gimmicks/artifacts a detractor from the dining experience? I don’t patronize restaurants for entetetainment (belly dancing, singing, live music..there are places that do these things). The food should be the entertainment/experience. Waiting for the review and pays for the name. Don’t think you’ll see me there any time soon. By the way, check the Mike’s on the Avenue special deal on

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