Maple bacon doughnuts

Are you underweight, struggling to add on a few pounds?  Do I have the solution to your problem….a maple bacon doughnut from Blue Dot Doughnuts (4301 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA; 504.218.4866).

Yes, you’re looking at a layer of chopped bacon atop maple glaze, a tasty (albeit a tad greasy) embellishment that should only be ordered by the underweight, as no one else needs the immense calorie payload delivered by salty-fried-atop-sweet-atop-fried.  Other over-the-top flavors include almond joy, dreamsicle, peanut butter & chocolate, chocolate-dipped buttermilk drops, and red velvet doughnuts.

Should you still  require more, go for the doughnut ice cream sandwich:  a split doughnut stuffed with New Orleans Ice Cream.  Blue Dot Doughnuts is the joint venture of three New Orleans police officers:  read more about their doughnut adventures here.

4 thoughts on “Maple bacon doughnuts

  1. Might as well have a chocolate milk, don’t think the diet Coke will make much difference after all that bacon.

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