Extreme couponing, spice style

For all you fans of “Extreme Couponing”, head over to the Penzey’s Spices website, where you can combine two offers:

  • use code 00002c to receive $5 off a $10 purchase, AND
  • use code kindness to receive a 1/2 cup jar of spices FREE (your choice)

Enter the  coupon codes during the “checkout” segment of your web order.  Yes, I know that the website says you can only use one coupon, but if you put in one code then click “recalculate”, you can subsequently enter a second code.  It’s so much fun to get a good deal, isn’t it?  I bought 4 oz mixed peppercorns, crystallized ginger, 1/2 cup jar of cinnamon, and some creamy peppercorn salad dressing mix, delivered to my door, for the grand total of $11.98.

What drove me to extreme couponing for spices?  I ran out of coriander this weekend, and the tiny, 2-oz jar at WalMart was $11.00.  I didn’t believe the shelf tag was accurate, so I wandered around until I found a price check self-scanner.  Yep, $11.  WTF?  Penzey’s sells 2 oz coriander for $4.00; I ended up buying a jar at Whole Foods for just $3.99.  Even Williams-Sonoma, notorious for high markup, sells a 1.5 oz jar for “just” $7.95.  So why the crazy price at Wal-Mart?  It’s not like coriander is so hard to grow–it’s just cilantro, gone to seed.  Hell, I have a dozen plants in my backyard right now (but the seeds aren’t ready to harvest yet, thus my need for the ground spice).

But back to my original point:  go over to the Penzey’s website and get yourself a good deal…..

6 thoughts on “Extreme couponing, spice style

  1. Celeste: We also have a great fresh spice store in Baton Rouge now called Red Stick Spice. They have teas and oils too. Also if you read this before weds the 25th I need a creolaise sauce recipe. Thanks Carol

    • I’ll have to check out Red Stick Spice….and isn’t “creolaise” just a hollandaise sauce w/creole mustard & parsley?

  2. My cupboards are bursting with Penzey’s products. They recently moved their local store to a new location, and a research trip was necessary. They have sample jars for sniffing, and it’s difficult to leave anything behind.

  3. Ya’ll will love Red stick spice. The nicest people and they will sell you microscopic portions of spices and teas. I cook in spurts and it is perfect for me. This creolaise was mayonaise based. If you haven’t tried Dukes Light mayo try it. Winn Dixie carries it. I hate mayo and find this to be palatable.

  4. Thanks, Celeste! I purchased 1/2 cup jars each of whole coriander, pickling spice, French thyme & Hungarian Sweet Paprika for $10.58. That’s only $2.52/each!!! I did choose slow delivery for an extra $1 off, and for whatever reason, when I typed in Louisiana as my billing address, they gave me another $1 off. Yay!!! Can’t thank you enough ;)))

    • Gotta love a great deal! Now you’ll be on the Penzey’s mailing list; virtually all of the catalogs include some sort of offer/coupon/deal.

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