Sourdough starter overflow

Sourdough starters are a baker’s treasure, and rather a pain in the ass.  If neglected, the starter will expire in a puddle of gray, watery goo.  If tended carefully and fed weekly, you’ll end up with either mountains of starter or have to throw out perfectly good starter to prevent a “Blob”-style overflow.

Enter the pizza:  I’ve been patting out mature sourdough starter onto parchment paper, laying on the toppings, and baking it fast & hot (on a pizza stone in a 500-degree oven).  While it isn’t the best pizza ever, the starter pizza is very edible.  I tried this some time ago in the toaster oven, but the full-size oven’s greater heat definitely produces better pizza.

Rather than discard your excess starter, try making pizza….

2 thoughts on “Sourdough starter overflow

  1. Do you know where I can find corn flour? I love the crab balls at Deanie’s and I’m attempting to recreate them this week. The lady in the storefront says they use corn flour but I haven’t found any yet.

    • It is surprisingly hard to find. Finer ground than cornmeal, you can sometimes find “cream meal”, which is partway between cornflour & cornmeal. Try using one of the commercially packaged brands of fish-fry coating; those are mostly cornflour and a little meal, plus some spices. If you can find it, the Zatarain’s “Chick-Fry” (in a plastic-wrapped cardboard box) has more pepper and less lemon than the typical fish-frying coatings.

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