Merguez at Little Morocco

Little Morocco (7457 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA, 504.301.9184) cooks up a tasty, made-in-house merguez.  My one complaint?  The harissa (not pictured; it was served on the side at the waiter’s suggestion) is not spicy.  C’mon, bring the heat!  We can take it…

10 thoughts on “Merguez at Little Morocco

  1. Weak harissa is a pet peeve of mine, too. I use only hydrated-from-dry hot red peppers, garlic, olive oil and salt in my mine. However, lots of harissa recipes I’ve found (including one of Paula Wolfert’s, of all people) calls for halving the amount of hot peppers with pureed red bell pepper. Not me!

  2. I ate at Little Morocco twice, because I wanted to like them. But both times the service was terribly slow and the food was bland and forgettable. So sad.

    • Aw, that’s terrible to hear. What did you have that was bland and forgettable? On my one visit, we were the only table in the place, so slow service certainly wasn’t the issue.

      • Sorry, I don’t have the formal names in front of me– it was the chicken with olives and preserved lemons cooked in a tajine, and then a simple falafel sandwich. I went with a big group for dinner and we were none of us too excited. What we really thought was good was the appetizer plate, and the lamb-based soup.

  3. Am sorry to hear that, was away for couple weeks, new items on the menu. but we are working on service. You know it’s hard to get good waiters when you first open… We are realy working on it very hard come back and try it againe

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