Black bean chicken chili

Brrr…bare, hardwood floors in a raised house are cold, y’all.  The first extended cool weather of fall set in this week, and the weather gave me a fierce craving for chili.  A quick freezer/pantry inventory revealed some boneless, skinless thighs, a tiny packet of ground turkey, black beans, dried ancho and pasilla chiles, and a few red and green bell peppers….45 minutes of kitchen improv yielded a tasty pot of black bean chicken/turkey chili, with whole-kernel corn as lagniappe.  (Chili, like gumbo, is a great vehicle for improvisation….though I’m sure Texas purists believe otherwise.)

Usually, I combine poultry and green chiles, but the tomatoes and black beans nicely complemented the dark-meat turkey and chicken.  Best part of all?  A freezer full of leftover chili for the next cold spell.

6 thoughts on “Black bean chicken chili


    That is freaking it!

    Last week I made chili con carne and something really seamed off. I added a touch of salt here, some chipotle there.

    I forgot to add my ground pasilla and aji peppers! I just went downstairs it it is still sitting in my spice grinder. Head slap.

    Well your chili looks great, Celeste! Even if it did make me feel stupid, ha ha.

    • No need to feel stupid….just make another pot with the chiles and put the two batches together. Voila, the chili is fixed right up.

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