Grownup grilled cheese

Gruyere, dill pickle slabs, and whole-grain mustard on homemade pain au levain:  completely unrelated (taste-wise) to any shrink-wrapped, American cheese slice on still-squishy toasted white bread from your past.  This sandwich was almost as good as its second cousin, Brie and cornichons on toasted brioche.

5 thoughts on “Grownup grilled cheese

    • Look at today’s post–I had a pretty good cubano for lunch a few days ago at Fork in the Road. I like pickles & cheese together….as long as the pickles aren’t sweet.

  1. Claire and I make a post-thanksgiving treat…take a fresh tortilla (or nice bread) and put a slice of aged brie, pear and turkey…makes a great gilled cheese or quesadilla.

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