Slow to catch on

Perhaps you all know this, but Baton Rouge has a Sur La Table store….located in the Perkins Rowe development, near the corner of Bluebonnet Road & Perkins Road.  Yes, well, sometimes I’m slow to catch on.  Found all sorts of nifty things, including the new light and dark purple colors (called “cassis”) of Le Creuset,  a wide selection of disposable bakeware (the holidays are just around the corner), and all sorts of other fun items.

4 thoughts on “Slow to catch on

  1. I’d been waiting years for an easy, home-use sous vide machine to come out that doesn’t cost a fortune and it finally materialized at Sur La Table last winter, the SousVide Supreme (it’s around $500, high, but others are $1200+). The size of a bread machine, I use it a lot; it makes chuck (or hanger or flank) the texture of filet (if you want) yet rosy pink inside (no gray areas) with all the full beef flavors. Short ribs are remarkable, too, as are all cuts of pork. A quick sear to develop a crust finishes the dish or you can pre-smoke if desired. Baby root vegetable emerge brightly colored and perfectly cooked and it holds everything until serving time without overcooking . Next to the Big Green Egg, it’s one of my most exciting purchases in years!

    • I saw the sous vide machine in the catalog and wondered who would buy it! Glad to know that it’s working for you. It’s nice to have a Sur La Table within browsing distance.

      • We should lobby for a SLT brick and mortar for New Orleans! I still mourn the loss of La Cuisine Classique (dating self?) and the much more recent Williams Sonoma Canal Place. Disappointing as it is confusing for such a food city.

        • La Cuisine Classique predates me….and W-S has (at least locally) gone the route of “wedding gift registry” and small electrical appliances. I prefer the restaurant supply houses to the high-end culinary stores. What I’d really like to see locally: a Penzey’s or similar spice store.

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