Simplest tomato sauce

Tiny grape or cherry tomatoes are reliably tasty when other tomatoes taste like waxed fruit.  Their bright acidity and intense color is ideal for a quick, fresh tomato sauce.  Saute a few thinly sliced cloves of garlic in a few tablespoons’ olive oil, add a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, and simmer together for 10 to 15 minutes before adding a few leaves of basil and a pinch of salt.  These four ingredients (five if you count the salt) 1yield a delicate pasta sauce (well, more of a topping than a soupy sauce).

The texture and color pair nicely with long pasta shapes like spaghetti, bucatini, or long macaroni.  Add a simple salad, and one cellophane clamshell of cherry tomatoes will suffice for a weeknight supper.

UPDATE:  The New York Times’ Mark Bittmann featured a similar tomato sauce in his “Minimalist” column today…

3 thoughts on “Simplest tomato sauce

  1. I make a warm salad that’s similar – everything you do for this sauce, except don’t cook it quite as long and throw in a can of white beans. It makes a deceptively simple and delicious bed for sliced seared steak.

      • I brought two different brands of canned tonno from Venice and am waiting to do something nice with them. It kind of goes without saying that one of them will include grape tomatoes and white beans. The other will probably be a tuna pasta. Mmm.

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