Crab & tomato soup to beat the heat

Domenica’s (123 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA) tomato soup, topped with crabmeat, managed to stimulate my heat-flagging appetite.  The chilled broth’s light, bracing acidity provided a refreshing contrast to the rich crabmeat.  Whenever I enjoy dishes pairing tomatoes & crabmeat, I always wonder why the two items aren’t used together more often in Louisiana cooking.  Sure, crabmeat appears in conjunction with red remoulade, the occasional crab-stuffed tomato, and I can think of a few tomatoey crab stews and the odd crabmeat-thick red sauce….but it’s not a common pairing.

6 thoughts on “Crab & tomato soup to beat the heat

  1. That looks luscious and rich. I wish I could taste it to try to replicate it. I googled hoping Besh had published it somewhere but didn’t find it. It seems like one of those dishes that seems like it would be simple to copy, but because it’s so simple, it’s hard to get executed exactly like they do.

    • It was a light, simple tomato broth, served cold. It didn’t have the acidity of uncooked tomato (like gazpacho), but it wasn’t super-concentrated at all, and I don’t think it had a crab-stock base (just crab added as a garnish).

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