Got the summertime blues?

Struck by the urge to flee your office and never return?  July heat got you beat?  Want to spend time in the Great Outdoors?  Sick of riding a desk?  Stop buying lottery tickets…instead, buy this 1976 Ford Panel Van lunch truck from Craigslist and say goodbye to wage slavery. 

It’s just $5,000, in road-ready condition, complete with everything from a window unit A/C to an exhaust fan, grill, steam table, and even a spare tire. 

Wouldn’t it make a sweet tailgating/cookout ride?

7 thoughts on “Got the summertime blues?

  1. Baton Rouge could use a taco truck. To the best of my knowledge we don’t have one. Surely someone can find 5 k and start a business.

  2. Does the city allow mobile food vendors? Jefferson Parish banned them in the wake of Katrina. Seems like you could make enough dough during just one LSU football season to make it worth the $5K.

  3. I doubt Baton Rouge allows them. A friend of mine works in San Francisco and says the taco trucks there are divine. It just seems like it would be a helluva lot of fun. As for the LSU football games, they are too difficult to get to and from. You know you are getting older when the games are not worth the angst. Tv is easier.

  4. I’ve got the summertime blues, but the unfulfilled desire is to join my best friend on the Le Marche coast of Italy for the next two weeks, not sweat it out in a food truck. Gumbo truck does sound mighty fine, though. Mm gumbo.

    • Hey, the advertised truck has AC. You mean the parking lot of a chemical plant or hospital isn’t as attractive as the Italian coast? Ah, now I’m pining for the shores of Italy, too.

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