Two whole figs

After Hurricane Katrina knocked down my neighbor’s big, old, rotten hackberry tree, I planted an “LSU Purple” fig in the newly-sunny backyard spot.  Five years later, and I JUST picked the first two ripe figs off of this sorry lil’ tree.  Yes, two.  I think another three might ripen soon, but no more:  5 years…and my harvest is five figs.  Whoopee.  No photos, as I was so excited I devoured both in seconds.

5 thoughts on “Two whole figs

  1. For some reason, after two skimpy years, my fig tree is going absolutely insane right now. I’ve got hundreds of figs; there are even some left over for me after the birds get their fill. We’ve been having figs with balsamic and creme fraiche pretty much every night. Delicious.

  2. I think I found a fig tree on my dog walk. If so, I will alert you to its location as it is booming right now. They arent ripe yep but there are these green orbs dangling behind her leaves.

    Where does one find an fig expert?

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