Oil, oysters, and oystermen

The Times-Picayune’s Brett Anderson does a bang-up job capturing the impact of BP’s ever-spreading spill on the Collins family of oystermen, who live on Bayou Lafourche and work in Caminada Bay.

From the article linked above, published on May 30th:

“”I’m more worried about the dispersants,” Nick Collins said, referring to Corexit, the chemical the Environmental Protection Agency would soon order BP to cease spraying in its efforts to break up the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the fatal Deepwater Horizon oil platform explosion on April 20.”

Me too, Mr. Collins.

2 thoughts on “Oil, oysters, and oystermen

    • Pardon me for not being convinced. The researcher (a toxicologist whose research focuses on people, not a marine scientist or ecologist) doesn’t say that the dispersants aren’t toxic: she says “None of these dispersants is so innately toxic” so she expects them to have limited impact. Yes, I realize most of the dispersant is a detergent compound. But I’m concerned about the other components’ bio-persistence: I understand that the EPA doesn’t expect the more toxic components of Corexit to bio-accumulate, but I haven’t seen the “real science” behind their assurances.

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