Back-from-the-dead sourdough

After all my efforts to cultivate a wild-yeast starter, I have neglected it terribly as of late.  The jar of starter got shoved to the back, bottom fridge shelf, where it languished for a couple of months.  I unearthed it last week, unscrewed the cap, and discovered that it was deflated and covered in scummy, gray liquid.  Why not feed it anyway and see what happened?  Six hours after feeding, it was still rather flat, so I left it out overnight….and it rose brilliantly.  It wasn’t dead after all.

I made two loaves of pain au levain  out of the revived sourdough, and I shoved the starter back into the fridge to await the next rebirth.  Chances are, it will be a while, as the climbing daytime temperatures will soon restrict my baking to early mornings and late evenings.

4 thoughts on “Back-from-the-dead sourdough

  1. Celeste, I love the sourdough rolls that One Restaurant and Bar (on Hampson, I believe) serves. I go there for them, but I love some of the other things they serve. The chef (Snodgrass) said his sourdough starter is 6 years old.

  2. In fact, I’ve tried sourdough all over the city and haven’t found any that compare. I buy the sourdough bread at Whole Foods but it’s not nearly as good as One.

    • I’ve dined at One, but I don’t recall the sourdough. Are the rolls in the breadbasket, or are they used in menu items? It’s near my office, and I think One is open for lunch Tues-Fri. I’ll have to pop over there someday soon to check out the sourdough. Have you tried the breads at La Boulangerie or the (newish) Maple Street Patisserie? (More info on Maple Street Patisserie coming soon.)

      • Celeste, They bring a couple out in a breadbasket. Real crunchy. I tried La Boulangerie but will have to try Maple Street Patisserie. One is open for lunch.

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