La Palma

Mexican restaurants continue to pop up all over south Louisiana like mushrooms after a rainstorm.  La Palma, located in the former Rinky Dink drive-in location (710 St. Mary Street, Thibodaux, LA, 985-448-1221), offers food from the owners’ hometown of Zacatecas, in central Mexico.  A tiny, assuming place, La Palma’s menu offerings range from typical taqueria fare like burritos and tostadas to more ambitious dishes like shrimp-stuffed chile relleno and  tamales.  Standouts included a refreshing tortilla soup, studded with chopped avocado, and slender, white-cornmeal pork tamales covered in a light red-chile sauce.  A self-service chip & salsa bar makes up for the slightly slow service; a list of lunch specials priced at just $6.95 helps, too.

8 thoughts on “La Palma

    • It’s a simple little spot. The sign outside advertises a margarita special, but I didn’t sample one, so I don’t know if they’re made from a pre-fab mix, or from real lime juice. Take one for the team…inquiring minds want to know!

  1. Have you tried Politz’s soft shell crabs in Thibodaux? They are off the charts. Reminds me of Bechacs. They are only open about 3 days a week – Thurs, Fri, Sat I think but well worth it. They don’t have much in the way of wine but I’ll drink what they have in order to eat their softshells.

    • We ended up at La Palma recently when the parking lot at Politz’s was packed. Haven’t been in years, but I recall pretty good food. Wasn’t it Billelo’s before it became Politz’s?

  2. I have no clue. Parking lot will be full at Politzs but the place is huge – don’t let that put you off. I have no idea what it was before. I’ve been dating a guy from Thibodaux the last six months so I’m “finding my way” as far the food.

    • Have you visited Fremin’s? A lovely old downtown building; it’s nice to see it in commerce again. And the downtown Spahr’s is tasty, if you stick to the basics. Once upon a time, Bubba II’s was pretty good, but my last few trips convinced me it has crossed over into mediocre. Definitely find Bourgeois Meat market and buy some beef jerky…

  3. Yeah Politz good eats. I like the way it has been added on a few times. It has a different decor in each area! Dad brought me as a kid a long long time ago. Almost as good as Spars.

  4. I haven’t been to Fremins. We passed by Bourgeois meat market but it didn’t look open. I love good beef jerky. Ronnies in BR has some great beef jerky. I don’t remember seeing Fremins or Spahrs but I’m sure my b-f would know where they are.

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