Noming in the rain

Pouring rain didn’t deter the folks lined up at the Nom Nom truck this afternoon on Magazine Street.   If the rain kept you away, find the truck outside the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street later tonight….or back at Pinkberry tomorrow afternoon and evening.

It was pretty funny to watch the camera crew try to keep their equipment dry in a south Louisiana thunderstorm.

On to the bahn mi:  made on locally-sourced bread (from NOLA’s own Dong Phuong bakery, of course), the honey grilled pork (bahn mi thit nuong) was a tad sweeter than you ordinarily find ’round these parts.  But the sandwich was stuffed to bursting with pickled carrots, diakon, cucumber slivers, cilantro, and hot peppers:  probably twice the amount of vegetables you’d ordinarily find on a local Vietnamese poboy.

And the tacos—well, the lemongrass chicken taco stole the show.  Piquant lemongrass chicken under a shower of crisp toppings, wrapped in a tender corn tortilla.  I would happily pay $2.50 for a lemongrass chicken taco every day for lunch….too bad we live in such an anti-food-truck area.

The Nom Nom truck isn’t the only mobile vendor in town for this Food Network shoot; reportedly, a burger truck and  a wagon serving French food are somewhere in the metro area.  If you run across either, please give me a shout…

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