Gratuitous fishing photo

Gaze upon my 29-inch-long, seven-pound speckled trout (aka spotted sea trout), caught in Lemon Bay, FL. 

Is the speckled trout the most delicious fish in the sea?  When pan fried for trout amandine, it advances to the top of my list. 

Tell me your favorite (tasting) fish….

7 thoughts on “Gratuitous fishing photo

    • It’s a close race between meuniere and amandine, but I think a case can be made for pecans in browned butter, too.

  1. Meah dats a bid fish yeah. That is truly bigger than I have ever caught before. Good job! My vote is for a little tanned butter and crushed toasted sesame sticks.

  2. That fish was big, but I seem to remember a few big snooks, and one other large, inedibile fish on that trip. You definitely had the biggest trout.

    I would vote for rare grilled tuna with soy sauce and wasabi. But I’m no expert.

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