Not too cool for (summer) school

Learn more about Louisiana’s fascinating food culture–sign up for my summer school course!  I’m teaching Louisiana Studies 303:  Food & Culture in Louisiana at Tulane’s School of Continuing Studies this summer from May 10 through June 23.  The three-credit, undergraduate class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:45 pm to 8:35 pm.  Apply & register online at Tulane’s School of Continuing Studies; admission requires just a high school diploma and application fee.  Tuition for the course is roughly $850, plus incidental university fees.  (You can register to audit the course.)

Over the six weeks, we’ll taste many Louisiana specialties, think about the intersection of identity and food, talk about local ingredients and techniques, and did I mention that we will EAT in class?  Graded work for the course includes a food diary, recipe collection exercise, cookbook analyis, and other interactive fieldwork.  (Translation:  no formal tests or long research papers required.)  The final exam is an oral presentation and potluck dinner–pictured above is a plate from Spring 2008’s final exam potluck, containing stuffed peppers, crawfish pasta, cornbread, seafood puffs, jambalaya, pickled pig tails & collard greens, and yes, that’s a jar of moonshine in the background.

Email me at if you have questions about the class.

5 thoughts on “Not too cool for (summer) school

  1. I would love to — how about an internet course next? Jamie wants to build a still so maybe we could supply our own moonshineQ

    • Jamie would like “More Mountain Spirits” by Joe Dabney….interesting & entertaining books about making moonshine & corn likker in Appalachia.

      RE: online class–it’s hard to taste things in an online class!

      • Yes, we’d have to make our own versions of the food to taste. Okay then, how about a one-day or all-weekend seminar? That could inspire a trip to New Orleans.

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