Pinkberry comes to NOLA

Pinkberry, the West Coast frozen yogurt chain, is opening its first NOLA location next week (5601 Magazine St, across from Whole Foods @ Arabella Station).  Known for cultlike devotion among its fans, Pinkberry offers a fat-free “original” flavor clocked at 100 calories per half-cup, seasonal specialty flavors (think coconut and passionfruit), and a range of free, fresh-fruit toppings.  The brand’s runaway popularity since its 2005 debut has inspired loads of imitators like Menchies (available in Baton Rouge at the Mall of Louisiana), Red Mango, and YogurtLand.

So why would I care about an L.A.-based chain of fro-yo coming to New Orleans?  In a crummy economy, I’m cheered by the sight of a new food business opening.  It’s within easy distance of my office, and I happen to like frozen yogurt.  I’m old enough to remember the first  big frozen yogurt craze back in the 80s, when Zack’s Famous Frozen Yogurt and TCBY franchises popped up on every other corner.  Plus, it’s situated on my favorite stretch of Magazine Street, adding to the density of tasty shops (the aforementioned Whole Foods, Chez Nous Charcuterie, Vom Fass, Italian Pie, Slice pizzeria, Blue Frog Chocolates, Bee Sweet Cupcakes, CC’s and PJs coffee shops, and St. Joe’s bar).  What’s not to like?

5 thoughts on “Pinkberry comes to NOLA

  1. I am sure I will be the only person to point it out but Italian pie is not in that stretch anymore. After the big fire they left and a second location of Slice is now there.

    • Oops! I guess it just goes to show how little attention I ever paid to Italian Pie! Slice is much better pizza, don’t you think? Heck, I can remember when that corner was still the Tipton County BBQ joint many moons ago.

  2. Back to Pinkberry . . . somehow it skipped Arizona altogether and landed in NOLA. We have lots of clones here and some are quite good. I like the original tart unflavored variety with fruit. Had some with strawberries today to top off some very bad so-called Philippino noodles. The yogurt saved the lunch.

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