Blackberry season is around the corner

Went for a walk on Easter Sunday and discovered that my sister owns a humongous blackberry patch, and another equally large patch of dewberries.  The berry brambles were a sea of white flowers and tiny, green berries.  I know where I’ll going berry picking in a few weeks…..blackberry dumplings, here I come.  Or maybe even blackberry cordial or blackberry syrup.

4 thoughts on “Blackberry season is around the corner

    • Dewberries look like blackberries, but are a bit larger. The plant is more spreading than a blackberry vine, and the tiny segments of the fruit (berry, technically a drupe) are slightly more separated than a blackberry’s rounded bits.

      • I’ll eat dew berries. Long as they don’t dingle, I don’t discriminate. I spin off of those great black berry dumplings I make, are the strawberry ones I make when the LA berries get to $9 flat…….Oh wait……thats now…..

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