Seafood boil potato salad

What to do with four or five boiled potatoes and a few ears of corn, the straggling leftovers from a seafood boil?  Channel your inner thrifty Cajun and make potato salad.  Dice the potatoes, cut the corn kernels off the cobs, and toss with a spicy, creamy dressing made of equal parts good mayonnaise, sour cream, grainy creole mustard, and a healthy dose of Crystal hot sauce.  Add sliced green onions and dill relish for color, and sprinkle with paprika if you’re so inclined.  (Additional seasonings depend on the potatoes’ spice level from the initial boil).

Red-skinned potatoes offer nice color & texture; I added a few marble-sized purple potatoes to my Good Friday boil because they reminded me of Easter eggs.  Some people add a few peeled crawfish tails, but I think the poor crawfish get lost amid all the starch & dressing.

Or, cut the leftover potatoes into chunks and deep-fry:  if you’ve never had a fried, boiled potato, you’re in for a treat.  The texture is nothing like a typical crispy french fry.  A thin, crunchy, browned shell forms around the chunks, but the interiors retain the creamy, dense character of boiled potatoes.  Fear of deep-frying?  Pan-fried boiled potato chunks make excellent hash browns, with the added early-morning bonus of quick cooking.

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