Wild game supper on March 25th

If buffalo, elk, wild turkey, eland, antelope, moose, and frog sound delicious to you, then you need to buy a ticket for the Wild Game Supper, hosted by the Larose Regional Park & Civic Center (307 East 5th Street, Larose, LA), on Thursday, March 25th at 6:45 pm.  The 13th annual Wild Game Supper features a wide variety of game-centric dishes, prepared by community volunteers, as well as live music, animal mounts/taxidermy, and an auction.

Food is the main attraction.  More than three dozen dishes showcase the best of camp-style and wild-game cooking.  Last year’s dishes included:

  • White oyster stew, okra & shrimp gumbo, crab & corn bisque, wild turkey gumbo;
  • Hot pork jambalaya, wild rice & quail jambalaya, grilled grillades, grilled deer sausage;
  • Grilled alligator sausage, beef jerky, elk sausage, white shrimp spaghetti, gratons;
  • Routeed pork, hogshead cheese, alligator sauce piquante, white beans, fried fish;
  • Fried frogs’ legs, crawfish etouffee, redfish courtbouillion, rabbit in applesauce;
  • Fried chicken, crawfish fettucini, honey baked wild boar, rotisserie pig, camp routeed duck;
  • Venison chili, crab fricassee, brown deer spaghetti, red deer spaghetti, mushroom duck;
  • Moose salami, Lechwe summer sausage, deer lo mein, deep fried eland backstrap
  • Buffalo ragout patate; potato salad; alimony pie, and bread pudding.
  • New for 2010:  lamb lollipops with fruit glace and antelope stew.  Of course, a cash bar (with great prices) will also be available.

The event benefits the not-for-profit park’s endowment fund.  Tickets, available only in advance due to game-consumption regulations, are $35 per person.  For $500, you can spring for a table of 8 and receive a personal waiter and complimentary bottle of wine.  To purchase a ticket, contact the the Civic Center at 985.693.7355.

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