Waygu brisket at Boucherie

Orleans Parish seems to be one giant road construction zone right now.  From uptown to downtown, resurfacing projects, drainage work, and road maintenance make driving a challenge.  Road construction on Carrollton Avenue (which will add a dedicated bicycle lane!) makes getting to Boucherie (8115 Jeanette Street, New Orleans, LA; 504.862.5514) a challenge worthy of a rally car these days.  During lunch last week, only three tables were occupied, and at least one group arrived on foot from the neighborhood.

Still, it’s worth the extreme navigational effort:  how about waygu beef brisket and garlic parmesan fries?  Though meltingly tender, the waygu retains enough structure to showcase brisket’s satisfying chewiness.

And those fries should be illegal, or at least listed as a Schedule II controlled dangerous substance.

3 thoughts on “Waygu brisket at Boucherie

    • Hop on over there…the food is tasty, if a bit on the heavy side. I also liked the duck confit over kimchee pancakes.

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