Summer crab salad

P8230535August’s weather brings near-daily rain and 100% humidity–weather to discourage even a hearty appetite.  Fortunately, late summer in Louisiana is crab weather;  blue crabs are abundant, (relatively) inexpensive, and delicious right now.  To show off a pound of fresh lump crabmeat, I paired avocados, thinly sliced red onions, tender butter lettuce, and crabmeat tossed with green goddess dressing for a simple crab salad this weekend.  I’m hooked on Penzey’s Spices green goddess salad mix:  just add a little water, vinegar, and (yogurt, sour cream, or mayo) for a slightly sweet, shallot-inflected dressing or dip.  Made with 0% fat, drained Greek yogurt, it’s thick, creamy, and only 10-15 calories per tablespoon.

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