Fusion or confusion?

P8140507Buried deep inside the menu at El Cajun’s LA Mex restaurant (2639 Highway 182, Raceland, LA, 985-537-4552), tucked between fajitas, alambres, and carne asada:  grillades (the Cajun kind, made of seasoned, grilled pork).  Due to time constraints, I didn’t get to sample the grillades, so I can’t say if the dish ranks as fusion or confusion.  El Cajun’s is (mostly) a textbook Tex-Mex restaurant, though the menu and advertising take pains to call it “LA-Mex”.  Aside from grillades on the menu, the only nod to Louisiana seems to be the decor.  A giant mural, featuring a pirogue-riding toreador brandishing a red cape next to an alligator, adorns the restaurant’s entrance.

Other impressions of El Cajun can be found here, complete with a picture of that toreador en pirogue.

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