Creolizing tacos

P5160248In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, taco trucks sprouted on many corners, which in turn led to the taquerias now scattered across the metro area.  I’ve been watching for any signs of localization in the taco truck and taqueria offerings, but until today, I hadn’t spotted any crawfish enchiladas, boudin burritos, or any significant local variations from the typical taqueria menus of bistek ranchero, carnitas, barbacoa, pastor, etc.

But Taqueria San Miguel (just off of Severn at 3517 20th St, Metairie, LA, 504-267-4027) revised its menu since my last visit, and one offering jumped out at me:  the burrito N.O.L.A., a grilled smoked sausage link topped with ranchera sauce, served on Mondays or upon request.  Creolization in action, right before our very eyes.

Read more about Taqueria San Miguel in Gambit.

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