Purplehull peas

P5150233In a short while, I’ll start picking my crop of purplehull peas.  A tiny bit of rain this week & last kicked the peas into full production–they’re vining more than the cucumbers.  Purplehulls are my favorite hot weather pea, followed by pinkeyes, blackeyes, and crowders.  To me, purplehulls taste a little more “green” than blackeyes. Maybe I’ll try some speckled butter beans next…my previous attempts at baby limas failed, but I’ve improved my soil a great deal since then.

Random pea trivia:  three-term Louisiana governer Earl K. Long called his rural farm in Winn Parish the “peapatch”, and he continually embarrassed his wife Blanche by taking visiting journalists, dignitaries, and politicos out into the fields while wearing overalls.

8 thoughts on “Purplehull peas

    • The basement cafeteria at the LA State Capitol has wonderful crowder peas, cooked for you by inmates from Dixon Correctional. Delicious (not kidding here)…

  1. Mmmm… this makes me want a garden. It was great meeting you today! Hope to see you around soon. -Rémy

  2. We planted purple hull seeds for the lst time. Some of the shoots are starting to turn purple. When is it time to harvest them?

    • I pick when the pods have filled out, are fat-looking, and the skin seems stretched over the peas inside. Feel the pod with your fingers–the skin will thin a little over the peas. The pods will turn purplish–don’t wait for them to become completely purple, or the peas will have begun to dry (you can still eat ’em, but they won’t have the delicious fresh, green taste).

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